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November 15, 2016

What Makes the Performance Series Half Cage so Popular?

Performance Series Half Cage

Ask anyone on the Legend Fitness team what our most popular cage is, and they’ll tell you it’s the Performance Series Half Cage (3142). Ask anyone here why, and you’ll get a variety of answers, so we figured we’d put them all in one place to help definitively answer the “why.” So here’s what makes our Performance Series Half Cage our top-selling cage among high schools and those with tight floorspace and/or budgets.

The most rigid half cage you’ll look at today… or any day.

With a frame made of three-by-three-inch, 11 gauge steel, the Performance Series Half Cage is pretty rigid to begin with. Each side is a single welded piece, for easy assembly and unparalleled rigidity. The Performance Series Half Cage is bolted together, but not with 20 or more bolts, like some other half cages out there. There are just eight bolts for four frame pieces. This makes the Legend Fitness Performance Series Half Cage inherently strong. It also means less maintenance in high-use environments. All of this adds up to a sturdier, more rigid structure that provides a safer cage for athletes to train in.

More class-leading features.

The Performance Series Half Cage is full of standard, class-leading features that help make it so popular among strength training coaches and gym owners. In addition to being built extra rigid, this half cage has two-inch hole spacing and laser-cut numbering. This gives users the freedom to easily place hooks, spotter arms, and other accessories where they need them. There are 12 chrome-plated Olympic-sized weight pegs welded (not bolted) to the back of the frame. This offers ample storage and easy access to plates. Angled slightly upward, the pegs make sure that stored plates stay put until they are needed.

There are many names in the industry for the attachment points that hold the bar when not in use: j-hooks, j-cups, and bar catches among some. In many ways, these are the most critical components of any cage. They keep the bar from crashing to the floor between sets, and they are sometimes asked to do their job in emergency situations. They also need to be easily removable. Legend calls the bar catches that comes as standard equipment on Performance Series cages Beefy J-Hooks – and for good reason. Most competing cages offer bar catches made from a thick piece of steel plate, bent into the shape of the letter J. We used to do this too, until we realized that bending actually weakens steel where it needs to be the strongest on the cage. We then developed the Beefy hooks from multiple, welded pieces of steel selected for their strength and inherent safety. Where the bar rests is actually a thick, stubby bit of steel tubing. A welded front lip makes it deep enough to keep a falling bar from bouncing out but not so big that it gets in the way of racking the bar quickly. Plus, the Performance Series Half Cage has an extended base with bolt-down tabs for extra stability and safety.

Speaking of emergency situations, the Beefy Spotter Arms are a single welded piece as well, made from buttressed 11-gauge tubing and with a solid 1-inch racking pin.

Great for small budgets and tiny floorplans.

The segment in which the Legend Performance Series Half Cage has the greatest appeal is high school athletic programs and small colleges. The reason is simple: A well-built half cage is going to offer a lower price and a smaller footprint (when compared to full cages, power stations, or other types of cages) for athletic programs that are limited of funds and floor space. The 3142 features an open design that is wide enough and deep enough to accomplish all of your training goals. Yet it has a footprint that’s small enough to allow you to keep more space in your weight room. It’s a thoughtful design! Add to this the traditional versatility of cages, offering a great variety of full body exercises, and the Legend Half Cage excels at offering a lot while asking for little.

Transform it with accessories.

the Performance Series Half Cage only gets better when you look at the ample add-on accessories. The standard crossmember is a 1¼-inch diameter pull-up bar, but if you want something beefier, the Pro Style Top Crossmember can be swapped in. Swivel Grip Handles can then be added, as can things like Landmines, assistance and resistance band pegs. The Pro Series Stealth Leg Press can, with the help of an adjustable bench, turn your Performance Series Half Cage into a leg press. You can even link Performance Series Half Cages together for sturdy jungles! Add two-tone powder coating in your organization’s colors, and some post decals, and you’ve got a half-cage that’s custom built for your lifter’s needs.

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