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November 23, 2016

The LeverEDGE Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift

6008 The LeverEDGE Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift

There is a reason the LeverEDGE Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift (6008) machine is the best-selling member of the plate loaded gym equipment line. In fact, there are a bunch of reasons that have pushed it to the top of the list when it comes to our plate loaded stations. However, the main reason it is so popular is its versatility.

The LeverEDGE Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift is probably the most versatile piece of equipment in the LeverEDGE line. It allows users to work both the upper and the lower body as they do deadlifts, trap shrugs, squats, weighted lunges, and even push presses and tricep dips. The dual handles allow for both wider and narrow grips, making it easy for users of any size to work on the machine, and they can be moved both up and down and angled for the perfect grasp. The adjustability of the machine makes it possible to face inward or outward for various exercises without the risk of injury-inducing wrist angles or awkward starting heights.

In addition to being extremely adjustable, and therefore accommodating a variety of athletes, the Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift has a set of padded rollers in the middle. These rollers are what made it a first in the marketplace when it was introduced, and what keeps it one of our best sellers. The densely padded, upholstered ankle rollers facilitate split squats, split lunges, and tricep dips, and IFBB Figure Pro Carlene Steenekamp says, “They hit my glutes in a way that no other gym device has.”

This isn’t just a piece of plate loaded gym equipment. It is also a weight storage solution, with four chrome-plated Olympic bar-sized weight storage pegs welded to the frame. This means plates can be kept handy for rapid adjustments between sets – an especially handy feature since trap shrugs, deadlifts, and similar exercises often involve a lot of weight.

And speaking of a lot of weight, the extra long loading pegs on the LeverEDGE Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift allow users to load up to nine plates on each lever arm, so even the toughest athletes and bodybuilders can get a good workout in on this piece.

Check out Carlene Steenekamp demonstrating some of the various exercises possible on the plate-loaded LeverEDGE Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift in the video below.

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