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October 11, 2016

The Legend Fitness Belt Squat Machine

The Belt Squat Machine

In bodybuilding circles, the Belt Squat Machine (3217) is often upheld as an extraordinary piece of equipment thanks to its ability to deliver great results without too much strain on the upper body. To some, the Belt Squat Machine is as elusive as Bigfoot; they’ve heard it exists, have maybe seen some photos, but haven’t actually seen one in person. So why not add one to your gym lineup? It may be viewed as a single-use piece of equipment, but it’s really so much more.

Therapeutic Benefits

What makes the belt squat so revered is not just the fact that it really delivers results. Athletes and powerlifters alike can perform a belt squat without straining the upper body. Doing belt squats remove the limits placed on athletes by the upper and lower back. It also means the user can load up on weight without compressing the spine, straining the shoulders, or stressing the wrists and elbows.

With a belt squat, your legs get a screaming good workout while your back, shoulders, and arms get some recuperation time. Belt squats are not only great for athletes looking to build lower body strength. They can also be beneficial for those who have injuries to their upper body. Sure, you could get the same effect from a leg press or hack squat machine. However, the Belt Squat Machine gives the added benefit of factoring in stabilization and balance. Not to mention, there’s more you can do on a Belt Squat Machine than just squats.

The Belt Squat MachineSee the Belt Squat Machine in our US Special Forces, NW United States, Central Lyon High School, and University of Central Oklahoma Showcases

Squats, Lunges & More

It’s a given that you squat on a Belt Squat Machine, but the Legend Fitness Belt Squat Machine has a wide, thick rubber platform. This makes it possible to perform various stances that may not work on other machines. Since it’s a solid platform and not separated footplates or boxes, users can take a close stance, an athletic stance, or even a sumo stance. And because it’s plate-loaded, there’s no pendulum action to worry about.

Narrower and wider stances aren’t the only things possible on our Belt Squat Machine. The large platform allows for a staggered stance, split squats, and even stationary lunges or box squats. Exchange the belt for other attachments and the multipurpose nature of the Belt Squat Machine can be fully exploited. Attach a pair of web handles and do pull-throughs, or use a V-grip to do deep grip pulls. Clip on a small straight bar for shrugs and dead lifts. Do rows, curls and tricep extensions by attaching a single hand grip. You can even hook up a lat pulldown bar and do Zercher squats! It’s possible to get a much more extensive workout on a Belt Squat Machine than it looks.

With the benefits of the Belt Squat Machine and the versatility of it, there’s really no reason it shouldn’t be in your gym lineup. Unless, of course, you don’t what people to start thinking Bigfoot actually exists, too.

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