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October 4, 2016

It’s #LegDay with SelectEDGE!

It's #LEGDAY with SelectEDGE

We know leg day doesn’t top the charts for many people, but with the Legend Fitness SelectEDGE line you can get a full leg day workout in and maybe even enjoy it. From glutes to calves and everything in between, SelectEDGE has you covered. Like all SelectEDGE products, each of the below selectorized machines have sleek styling, two-tone padding standard, over 30 powder coat colors to choose from and hidden aviation-grade cables. Here are some of our hardest working lower body pieces of fitness equipment in the Legend Fitness SelectEDGE lineup.

SelectEDGE Calf Extension

It’s not leg day if you don’t bust out a searing calf workout, so let’s start with the SelectEDGE Calf Extension. When you adjust the back and sit in the deep, ergonomically angled seat, you’ll realize that despite its good looks, this machine doesn’t mess around! With a 240-pound weight stack, even serious lifters will need to take advantage of the extra long, closed-cell grab handles. When you select 100 pounds on the weight stack, place your foot on the 18-inch wide, grippy footbar, and press down – It will feel like you’re actually lifting 100 pounds thanks to minimized pulley reduction. The unique pivot point of the footplate allows for effective flexion of the ankle joint, which means your calves really get a workout.

Here is WBFF Figure Pro Carlene Steenekamp doing a few reps on the SelectEDGE Calf Extension:

When you’re done on the SelectEDGE Calf Extension, you may not want to finish leg day… but we’re just beginning!

SelectEDGE Leg Press

The SelectEDGE Leg Press is no lightweight. Use it, and you’ll remember you did. Sure, it’s got some creature comforts, like a five-position adjustable seat back, the ability to slide the seat with one hand, extra long grab handles, large and grippy footplate, and chrome-plated guide rods for smooth adjustments. But the 400-pound weight stack proves this is a beast, and since there’s no pulley reduction, your legs will know you mean business when you start reps on the SelectEDGE Leg Press!

IFBB Fitness Pro Whitney Jones demonstrates some of the features of this great machine:

Once you’re done burning up your quads on the SelectEDGE Leg Press, it’s time to move on to inner and outer thighs. Luckily, SelectEDGE has a machine for that.

SelectEDGE Inner/Outer Thigh Combo

What was once two machines is now one, easy-to-use combo machine that swaps between thigh adduction and abduction exercises with the flick of a pop pin. The SelectEDGE Inner/Outer Thigh Combo is highly adjustable, with six thigh pad positions and seven back rest angles, allowing users of all flexibility levels to easily use it. An enlarged cable cam helps equalize inner and outer thigh effort, while the aviation-grade cable itself runs across an all new pulley system to help minimize slack in the motion, which maximizes results. A 200-pound weight stack makes it possible for both novice and experienced lifters to work thighs on the SelectEDGE Inner/Outer Thigh Combo machine.

Watch IFBB Fitness Pro Whitney Jones show how easy it is to switch between exercises on this piece of equipment:

SelectEdge Glute Press

Glutes can be rather awkward to exercise, but the SelectEDGE Glute Press makes it a little less so. Featuring a generous 20-by-24-inch knee pad, any size user can take a variety of knee placements to work targeted muscles at different angles. The long footplate is constructed of thick, durable polymer with a grippy surface, making pushing it worry-free—you won’t slip and neither will it. For added stability, an extra-large elbow pad and two foam grips stand at the ready and are adjustable if needed.

Once you’re settled into position and start your reps, you’ll notice two things. One, the footplate glides through the motion smoothly thanks to high-quality linear bearings on solid, chrome-plated rods, though you’d never know it since the whole thing is encased in steel for safety. And two, every ten-pound plate out of the 150-pound stack feels just like ten pounds thanks to the “direct pull” design. For better or worse, when you finish up reps on the SelectEDGE Glute Press, you’ll feel it.

WBFF Figure Pro Carlene Steenekamp demonstrates a few features and a few reps on the SelectEDGE Glute Press:

Even though leg day can be rough, the sleek and easy-to-use SelectEDGE line can make it a little more enjoyable. It’s just a bonus that it’s all made in the USA, available in tons of color combinations, and designed to appeal to everyone! Check out the full line of Legend Fitness SelectEDGE weight machines here.

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