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September 14, 2016

The Stealth Leg Press: The Cage Enhancement You Never Saw Coming

Stealth Leg Press

Every so often, we like to bust out something innovative and cool—something that changes the way you look at, and use, a common piece of equipment. Enter the Stealth Leg Press. The Stealth Leg Press gives you the ability to turn a standard cage into a leg press with very little effort and very little space taken up when it’s not in use. A great leg strength solution for those that already own a cage but are of limited funds, limited floorspace, or both, the Stealth Leg Press comes in two versions: Performance Series and Pro Series.

The Performance Series Stealth Leg Press

The Performance Series (7015) version of the Legend Fitness Stealth Leg Press starts with a solid diamond plate platform that allows the user to take on several stances while exercising. It comes with two UHMW-coated rods that allow for a variety of starting positions and one extra-long chrome-plated Olympic peg to load up with weights. Two quick-release web straps are also included for an extra measure of safety.

All you need is a bench set to the upright position and a cage or rack with J-hooks. Because it’s easier to show the setup rather than explain it, we brought in WBFF Figure Pro Carlene Steenekamp to demonstrate setting up and using the Performance Series Stealth Leg Press.

The Pro Series Stealth Leg Press

The Pro Series Stealth Leg Press (7106) starts as a Performance Series, but it has a few extra features stealthily hidden away. In addition to converting a rack or cage into a leg press, the Pro Series Stealth Leg Press also serves as a large step-up platform, a plate-loaded kick back plate, and a multi-function push/pull sled, and it comes with everything you need to easily make the transition from one exercise to the next.

Included with the Pro Series Stealth Leg Press are two extra-long chrome-plated Olympic pegs, two one-inch steel rods, four sled feet, two UHMW-coated rods, and two quick-release web straps for safety. The sled feet double as a bar holder when used as a leg press or kick back plate, which means you can really load the Pro Series Stealth Leg Press up with weight! IFBB Fitness Pro Whitney Jones and Carlene Steenekamp demonstrate all the ways the Pro Series Stealth Leg Press can be set up and used in the video below.

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to make leg day happen, especially if you lack the room to add more machines to your space, either Legend Fitness Stealth Leg Press option is a good one. You likely already have the J-hooks and the bench, now you just need the one piece of equipment your rivals will never see coming.

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