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September 28, 2016

The SelectEDGE Ab Crunch

The SelectEDGE Ab Crunch

Typical ab crunch machines offer a single, linear movement – boring! But if you want non-linear movement, you have to get off the machines and onto the floor, which can limit how much resistance you can work into your core-building routine. So what can you do? Get on the SelectEDGE Ab Crunch (1106) for an ab workout unlike anything else.

Thanks to our innovative design team, you likely haven’t seen an abdominal machine like this before. At first glance, it looks like a normal, linear ab crunch machine, but when you sit down and take hold of the roller coaster-style shoulder pad, you’ll realize it’s much more. The shoulder pad is anchored by a cable, not a plate or bar, which means you can move as non-linear as you want, using as much core—and any part of it—you want per rep.

The mechanically-assisted seat adjusts to any user height, so all you need to do is set the seat, put your feet on the stabilizing foot pegs, select your weight, and hold on while you shred your core. When you’re finished tearing up abs you didn’t even know you had, sit back upright. With just a flick of your wrists, the shoulder pad moves up and out of the way so you can move on to another machine easily. WFBB Fitness Pro Carlene Steenekamp demonstrates how the SelectEDGE Ab Crunch works in the video below.

The unique design doesn’t end at the free-moving shoulder pads, though. Like all Legend Fitness SelectEDGE machines, the Ab Crunch features sleek lines and two-tone upholstery, but it also features a modular frame, which makes installation and in-field servicing easy. Of course, the high quality bearings and PowerMax pulleys help ensure that servicing does not need to be done very often. A 150-pound weight stack comes standard with ten-pound increments and a five-pound adder plate, though a 200-pound upgrade is available.

If you’re looking to take your machine-assisted core workouts to the next level, the SelectEDGE Ab Crunch is your ticket. With free movement and a beefy weight stack, this machine will change your core workouts forever!

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