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September 21, 2016

The Continuum Rig System: Adaptable, Expandable, Affordable

The Continuum Cage Series

You’re likely aware that the thing we do best here at Legend Fitness is cages. We talk about it all the time. Our cages have inspired quite a few products, and the passion we build into each of our cages extends deep into our entire lineup of fitness equipment. So when we were asked to develop a modular, affordable, expandable system, we were prepared for the challenge to create something that not only met expectations, but also exceeded them. Thus, the Continuum Rig System was born.

Legend Fitness’ Continuum Rig System is a new breed of strength training rigs. It is a versatile, customizable system manufactured at our facility in Knoxville, Tennessee, alongside all of our other strength training equipment, and the Continuum components are held to the same high standards as the rest of our cages and accessories. But what makes the Continuum Rig System so special? The Continuum Rig System is a modular system that allows you to customize your rig, adding connectors and accessories to your heart’s desire, and then expanding your system as needed. It’s also super affordable, making it great for smaller facilities or home gyms.

The Not-So-Basic Basics

Starting with the basic piece, the Continuum Quarter Cage (3903), you get two fully welded uprights constructed of our 3×3-inch 11 gauge steel—the same stuff our high-end Performance Series line of cages are made of. And just like our premium cages, the Continuum uprights have two-inch hole spacing and laser cut numbering, plus you can order them in any of our powder coat colors. You also get two of our Beefy J-Hooks, which are fully welded and have a one-inch racking pin and a standard four-foot pull-up bar crossmember. From there, you can customize your rig system with a plethora of connectors and accessories.

If you want a sturdy free-standing rig that comes with all the bells and whistles of the Continuum series, the Continuum Quarter Cage/Squat Stand (3904) is the freestanding soldier of the Continuum Rig System army. It’s built just like the Continuum Quarter Cage, except to keep it stable on its own, our design team developed huge 3/16-inch thick buttresses secured with no fewer than five case-hardened bolts over post flanges secured with two additional bolts. The easily assembled design allows for boxed shipment, which makes this our only cage that is a stocked item which can be shipped in 1-2 weeks with fixed freight cost on single unit orders.

If that’s not enough, both the 3903 and the 3904 can be bolted to other cages using the Continuum connectors to create a rig, line, or jungle of connected cages, providing shared rigidity, more pull-up stations or additional suspension training areas.

The Continuum Cage System Basics

Connectors Galore

At Legend Fitness, we totally understand that different gyms have different needs. That’s a big part of the reason we created the Continuum Rig System to begin with! Because of those different needs, we’ve developed a myriad of connectors to help build the perfect system, whether it be a single rack in a home gym or a multi-space jungle in a workout facility. There are three different connector types available—the standard bar, the double bar, and the modular bar—and a variety of widths so that you can build the system you need.

The standard bar comes in four- and six-foot widths and is just that – a standard pull-up bar. There is also a four-foot version that comes with a flange that’s rotated 90 degrees, making it optimal for mounting over a doorway (and ideal for smaller or awkward spaces). The six-foot standard bar also comes in a Fat Bar version, which is thicker and more robust.

The double bars were designed to offer extra stability when connecting multiple racks together either front-to-back or side-to-side, though the four- and six-foot versions can be used to connect a Continuum upright to a wall just as well. The eight- and ten-foot double bars have an additional middle support for extra strength.

The modular bars are sturdy, 3×3-inch 11 gauge pre-drilled steel. They come in four-, six-, eight-, and ten-foot lengths. The Continuum modular connectors were designed for both rigidity and the ability to add on other accessories if desired, like a TRX suspension system, ball target or punching bag.

The Continuum Cage System Connectors

Accessories for Any Need

Speaking of adding accessories, the great thing about the Continuum Rig System is that it was built to fit all of the Legend Fitness Performance Series accessories. That means you can outfit your custom Continuum rig with great accessories like Single or Dual LandMines, a Step Platform, Reverse Spotter Arms, our famous Monster Hooks or even a Pro Style Top Crossmember. The amount of accessories you can add to your Continuum Rig System, combined with the modular system, make it so that the customization options are nearly endless!

Ready-Made Rigs

Sometimes, figuring out where to start can be a challenge. We took some of our most popular configurations for the Continuum system and set them us as ready-made rigs. With two 14-foot options, two 24-foot options, and two 34-foot options, both including wall-mounted and freestanding configurations, you can either grab them as they are or use them as inspiration for building your own rig.

Is the Continuum Rig System the right fit for you? Take a look at the modular Continuum Rig System and the available accessories and decide for yourself.

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