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September 6, 2016

Keep it Clean: Equipment Storage Options for Your Gym

Equipment Storage Options for Your Gym

When you have a home gym, an athletic training facility, or a membership-based center, keeping your gym clean is important from both an aesthetic standpoint and a safety one. Keeping your workout space tidy can help keep motivation high. It also can help prevent injury from tripping and falling. Properly storing your equipment and accessories can increase its longevity by helping prevent misuse. Fortunately, in addition to top-notch weight lifting and selectorized fitness equipment, Legend Fitness has a line of equipment storage items. So we can help keep your space free of clutter and your accessories looking great!

Barbell and Plate Storage

At Legend Fitness, we may be known for our racks and cages, but we understand the importance of keeping barbells and plates organized and out of the way. While many of our racks come with built-in or optional add-on storage, sometimes you just need more.

Equipment Storage Options for Your Gym: Bar & Plate Storage

We have everything from smaller Olympic bar holders to multiple barbell racks, as well as plate storage and combination storage. Our Olympic Bar Holder (3137) holds six Olympic bars in an upright position but has a footprint of just 18 by 22 inches. This makes it ideal for smaller spaces or unused corners. When combined with an Olympic Peg Placeholder (3193) to store your plates, with a footprint of just 18 by 18 inches, you can get a ton of storage without taking up too much valuable room.

If space isn’t an issue and you need to store up to ten barbells, the Ten Barbell Rack (3149) is going to be your best bet. A fully welded, three-by-three inch 11 gauge frame with wearguards on the pegs and the frame uprights, this is a beast of a barbell rack! It’s built to stay standing for years to come. It’s also available in a five bar version (3174).

Pair the Ten Barbell Rack with a couple Horizontal Bumper Racks (3163) and you’ll have all of the bar and plate storage you need. The Horizontal Bumper Rack stores eight 45-pound bumper plates. It is portable thanks to the handle and wheels, so it can be moved from station to station, or even out of the way when needed. There’s also a version with wider spacing between the partitions for thicker plates like 100-pound bumpers.

If you have a smaller collection of bars and plates but still want them up and out of the way, the Legend Fitness Plateholder – Organizer (3173) may be ideal. It has six one-inch diameter plate holder pegs and two sleeves to hold Olympic bars in an upright position. It does it all in a 26 by 26 inch footprint. It’s a perfect Olympic bar and plate storage solution for garage gyms!

Dumbbell and Kettlebell Racks

Storing Olympic bars and plates may be something you have under control. But dumbbells and kettlebells never seem to stay put when you don’t have a place to store them. Fortunately, Legend Fitness has a plethora of both dumbbell storage racks too!

Equipment Storage Options for Your Gym: Kettlebell and Dumbbell Storage

For gyms where space is no issue, but 20 pairs of dumbbells is, the Four-Tier Hex Head Dumbbell Rack (3239) is the answer. Built from heavy duty, fully welded, three-by-three inch 11 gauge steel, this dumbbell storage solution can hold up to 20 dumbbells and still be solid as a rock. Thanks to ABS-lined trays, both the rack and your hex heads will stay looking great. This storage solution is available in any of our powder coat colors, so your gym will look great too.

On the flip side, we have a great kettlebell storage rack that holds more in a smaller footprint. This can help free up space on your floor for pretty much anything else. The Legend Fitness Short Three-Tier Kettlebell Rack (3317) has three tiers of kettlebell storage with a short, 35-inch lift-over height, all in a 24 inch by 46 inch footprint. Plus, all of the standard Legend Fitness cues are there: a fully welded frame constructed of three-by-three inch 11 gauge steel, rubber-lined trays, and huge color selection.

Legend Fitness has everything in between these two extremes when it comes to ‘bell storage needs, from a Six Pair Pro Style Dumbbell Rack (3190) to a Long Kettlebell Rack (3245). If you have dumbbells and/or kettlebells to get off the floor, we have a sturdy way for you to do it.

Miscellaneous Accessory Storage

Often, it’s the little things that count, and we have you covered there too. Whether you need a place to store those pesky resistance bands that never seem to be where you need them, or a catchall unit that can do more than hold plates because you have a small space, Legend Fitness has it.

Equipment Storage Options for Your Gym: Miscellaneous Storage

Our Accessory Rack (3159) resembles our Ten Barbell Rack, but was built for storing all of the things that seem to get away easily. Five sets of pegs line both sides of this storage unit. It gives you a place to hang the things that never seem to have a home (like resistance bands or machine attachments). The ABS-lined top tray gives you more space to store smaller things we like to call “doodads.”

Don’t have the room for racks storing things? Do you just want a place to keep the bare necessities close to your cage? Have no fear, the Multi Storage Rack (3313) is here! It offers places to store Olympic bars, bumper plates, smaller plates, kettlebells and dumbbells, and a bonus chalk bowl (or “doodad” collector, if you wish). This piece of equipment is a must-have for small gyms, though it’s great for big ones too. It’s a single, meticulously welded piece constructed out of three-by-three inch 11 gauge steel available in an abundance of powder coat colors.

So while we built our reputation on solid cages and impressive racks (the weightlifting kind), our accessory storage is second-to-none as well.

With tons of options for anyone who needs to keep that gym floor clean. Get your gym in shape by checking out all of the options here.

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