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August 9, 2016

Why the SelectEDGE Functional Trainer is a Great Addition to Your Gym

Why the SelectEDGE Functional Trainer is a Great Addition to Your Gym

At Legend Fitness, we are known for our cages. They are what put us on the map when it comes to strength training equipment – and for good reason. Our racks are solid, fully-welded pieces of equipment that last for years and are customizable to suit any athlete’s needs. Legend Fitness cages are a staple in many gyms, athletic centers, and schools around the country.

Cages aren’t for everyone, though, and that’s why we developed the premium SelectEDGE line. It is our sleek, easy-to-use, pin select line of equipment that’s just at home in a robust training facility as it is a home gym. One of the standout pieces in the SelectEDGE line is the Functional Trainer (1130), a multi-function unit that offers dozens of ground-based exercises in a relatively small area. Here’s an overview of what makes the SelectEDGE Functional Trainer one of our most versatile machines, making it the perfect addition to any home gym, fitness club, or training facility.

Sleek and stylish

Like all of the machines in the SelectEDGE line, the Functional Trainer was designed to compliment contemporary fitness environments and be less intimidating than some of the more angular machines out there. The weight stacks are fully enclosed by steel panels for both safety and long-lasting aesthetics, and laser-cut steel plates house the upper pulleys and elevate the frame off the floor. At only 67 inches wide by 50 inches deep, the footprint is small, especially for a multi-function machine, and the angled sides make placing it in a corner easy, which saves even more space. Additionally, the SelectEDGE Functional Trainer is available in two-tone powder coating at no additional cost.

Built like a Legend

The sleek design is indicative of our advanced SelectEDGE line, but the functional trainer is more than just a pretty face. It is a heavy-duty training machine built to work hard but stay smooth through every exercise. The swiveling pulley assemblies are sandwiched between steel plates and are adjustable to one of 20 height positions on chrome-plated, two-by-two-inch, 11 gauge steel columns with laser-cut numbering. A small handle grip and a pop pin make height adjustments quick and easy. Aviation-grade sheathed cables glide smoothly across glass-enforced PowerMax pulleys with shielded bearings. The 250-pound weight stack comes standard with ten-pound increments (can be upgraded to 300-pound stacks) and is fully enclosed, maintaining its modern look. The Functional Trainer comes with seven attachments, which store neatly on the back panel under an easy-to-follow instructional placard. And finally, the crossmember at the top has four pull-up options, including rock climbing grips.

Strength in versatility

In addition to offering four pull-up grip options, the Functional Trainer’s seven included attachments, combined with its adjustability, make it one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the Legend Fitness lineup. While there are just 16 exercises listed on the machine itself, that’s only because we ran out of room showing what the Functional Trainer is capable of. Add the dual 250 pound weight stacks and this machine is able to perform a myriad of exercises that can help strengthen and tone your entire body, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete. From pull-ups and chest flies to crunches and squats, you can get a full body work out on this single machine, simply using the included attachments. Add an adjustable bench, and you’ll find even more exercises you can do. The SelectEDGE Functional Trainer truly is an all-in-one machine and a welcome asset to any fitness club, home gym, or athletic training facility.

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