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August 17, 2016

Lat Pulldown and Low Row Combo Machines

Lat Pulldown and Low Row Combo Machines

Legend Fitness offers a wide variety of combo stations, which allow users to do two or more exercises on one piece of equipment. Among this type of equipment are four different lat/low row combo machines: the Lat/Low Row (3136), the Seated Lat/Low Row Combo (945), the PRO SERIES Lat/Low Row Combo (971), and the SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo (1120). While on the surface it might appear that there is not much difference between the three machines, that is not the case. Here is an overview of each lat pulldown and low row combination machine from Legend Fitness.

Plate-Loaded Lat/Low Row

The Lat/Low Row (3136) combo machine is the most basic of the four combo station options, but that does not make it any less of a tool for massive back development. Like most Legend Fitness equipment, it is fully welded for maximum rigidity, strength, and durability. The Lat/Low Row is one of the few plate-loaded combination machines in our lineup, but like all of our plate-loaded machines, this one features chrome-plated, Olympic-size pegs.

Similar to all Legend Fitness equipment, the Lat/Low Row combo machine is built to last. The weight carriage is powder coated in our chip-resistant Silver Vein powder coat finish, while the top of the frame features UMHW wearguards to protect the powder coat finish from chips and scratches caused by the wide pulldown bar. All load pegs and telescoping surfaces are chrome-plated to minimize scratches and rust. The glass-reinforced PowerMax pulleys glide smoothly for each exercise and help prolong cable life.

The Lat/Low Row machine does not have a full bench attached, as the low rows are meant to be floor-based, providing more stability for the heavier weight that is sometimes a part of plate-loaded routines. The adjustable seat and thigh rollers, however, have three-inch padding and durable Naugahyde covering, for both extreme comfort and long-lasting wear. The Lat/Low Row comes with a 48-inch wide pulldown bar for wide-grip exercises, and to switch between lat pulldowns and floor rows, simply exchange one snap link for another. The 3136 is available in all powder coat and upholstery colors.

Seated Lat/Low Row Combo

Next in line is the Seated Lat/Low Row Combo (945), the first of the three selectorized options in our lat and low row combo machines. It is easy to use, and much like the Lat/Low Row (3136) machine, it has a separate snap link for the lat pulldown and row function. However, unlike the previous machine, the rows are done using the long seat attached to this machine as opposed to the floor.

Another made-to-last machine, the Seated Lat/Low Row Combo has ABS rearguards to protect the frame’s powder coated finish from scratches and chips. This machine is not fully welded, though it is still made with the same high-quality materials as all other Legend Fitness equipment. The bench seat and adjustable thigh roller pads are upholstered in top-stitched Naugahyde for durability and comfort.

Also, there is no pulley reduction, which allows for better weight feel. A 200-pound weight stack is standard on this machine, though upgrades to 250 pounds and 300 pounds are available. Overall, the Seated Lat/Low Row Combo is an easy-to-use, space-efficient machine that is user-friendly and requires minimal adjustments, leading to improved results in training. Like most Legend Fitness machines, this is also available in our full array of powder coating and upholstery options.

PRO SERIES Lat/Low Row Combo

The PRO SERIES Lat/Low Row Combo (971) is our next lat pulldown and low row combination machine. This machine was designed for minimal effort in transitioning between pulldowns and rows; there is no need to exchange snap links, disconnect handles, or even change positions to move between exercises. Just swap the knee rollers for the foot plates, and you are ready to go.

The 38.25-inch long seat accommodates users of all heights and is upholstered in our long-lasting Naugahyde, as are the knee roller pads. This heavy-duty machine was designed for the toughest users and comes with a 300-pound weight stack in 10-pound increments. Its ease-of-use, however, makes it a good fit for novices and experts alike.

The PRO SERIES Lat/Low Row Combo is available in all of our powder coat and upholstery color options. There is also a PRO SERIES Seated Lat/Floor Row (3228) version available that has all of the above features, but is a true floor row with adjustable foot plates at floor level and a short seat for pulldowns only.

SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo

Finally, the highest end of the bunch is the SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo (1120). While this is a combo machine, it has a few key innovations that set it apart from the rest of the lat pulldown/low row combo machines in our line up. First of all, no handles or footplates need to be disconnected for exercise setup. The patented MAG handles that are included with the SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo machine offer unique, comfortable grips that make gloves and wrist straps unnecessary, even at higher weight reps. The UHMW polymer footplate provides a high-traction surface and doubles as the row handle rest. Most notably, however, is the seat. It is dual-position, and moves from lat pulldown position to row position effortlessly, but still remains perfectly stable so you can exercise with confidence.

The other features of the SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo are in line with the other SelectEDGE machines. It comes with a 250 pound weight stack with 10 pound increments and has partially hidden, aviation-grade cables. The steel tower shroud and sleek design, along with optional two-tone powder coating and two-tone upholstery (at no extra charge), make the SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo the best fully customizable solution, especially for fitness clubs or training facilities.

If you are looking for a combo machine for lat pulldowns and low rows, Legend Fitness has all of your options covered. From plate-loaded to a variety of selectorized options, each version of this type of combination exercise machine is easy to use and customizable to your training room or gym’s look. To see the rest of Legend Fitness’s combo stations, click here.

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