Introducing the SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus – Legend Fitness Commercial-Grade Strength Equipment Made in USA

August 31, 2016

Introducing the SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus

SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus

The SelectEDGE line from Legend Fitness is expanding once again with the addition of the Cable Crossover Plus, a sleek multi-user machine perfect for busy fitness centers or training facilities. The SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus hits all the high notes of the SelectEDGE line—partially hidden cables, available in a multitude of colors with two-tone upholstery standard, and sleek, modern styling—while stepping up as a true powerhouse in the strength training arena.

Up to five users can train at once on the SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus. It is a fully adjustable cable crossover along with a seated row station and a lat pulldown station. A multi-grip pull up bar sits in the middle, adding a fifth station to the machine.

The swiveling pulleys smoothly adjust the cable crossover in three-inch increments, which allow users to fine-tune the cables to one of 23 height positions. Laser-cut numbering on the chrome-plated columns makes equal height adjustments on each side a breeze. The included web handles suit a variety of exercises, and the standard 200-pound weight stacks with 2:1 pulley reduction make the SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus a good fit for novices and heavy lifters alike. If 200 pounds is not enough, the cable crossover weight stacks can be upgraded to either 250 pounds or 300 pounds.

The lat pulldown station is set up for user comfort and features adjustable foam rollers and a stationary bench, along with a wide grip MAG handle. The unique pulldown handle makes working with the 250-pound weight stack easy for novices and experienced lifters alike, though a weight stack upgrade to 300 pounds is available here as well.

The seated row has a stationary bench and a rubber-coated foot plate to help ensure the user’s feet stay planted throughout the exercise. The neutral grip MAG handle provides users with a comfortable setup to lift the 250-pound weight stack, which is upgradable to 300 pounds if necessary.

The center-mounted pull up bar features rubber coated grips and three hand placement options: wide, neutral, and close. The different grip options give users the ability to work more muscle groups at one exercise station.

With a footprint of 106 by 161 inches, the SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus takes up less space than an individual cable crossover, a lat pulldown, and a low row, and you get the added benefit of having a pull up station in the middle. Five people training on one machine, at once, makes this a versatile addition to any gym. Consider adding it to your set of weight training machines today!

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