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August 4, 2016

Improving Performance and Avoiding Injury During Peak Training

Many athletes are in peak training, pushing themselves to improve their performance in this last stretch of summer. Whether you are gearing up for football season or hitting the soccer field this fall, it’s important to push yourself to the limit without overdoing it. Read the three most important tips during peak training to avoid injury and maximize performance.

Make injury prevention your first priority.

Injury prevention should be the number one priority for all players, coaches and strength trainers. Start by minimizing abnormal movement caused by muscle weakness, muscle imbalance and muscle stiffness. The International Journal of Athletic Therapy & Training explains that when the body is forced to move in ways that it was not prepared or designed to move, also known as pathokinematics, it can increase the risk of injury. Common warning signs of this are soreness, abnormalities, dysfunction and sometimes pain.

Prevent risk of injury by creating strengthening programs that are designed to correct abnormal movement. Peak training routines that focus on muscle strength, muscle endurance and the core are key to better movement and more efficient athletic performance.

Individualize your training program.

Working out in a group is crucial to team success, but it’s also important to perform physical exams and address individual workout needs. Ask a personal trainer or coach for help creating an individualized training program specific to your strength and conditioning needs. Educate yourself on what machines and exercises can strengthen your weaker muscles, so you can practice the correct form and improve at your own pace. This will help keep you from overdoing your muscles and reduce risk of injury on the field.

Keep all body systems healthy.

Because the human body works in unison, deficiency in any system can impact athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury while practicing or playing sports. When one part of your body is less than healthy, it takes a toll on other working components, and as a result, it impacts overall athletic performance.

When athletes are in peak training, they often forget some of the most important ways to keep their bodies healthy such as sleeping, stretching, eating healthy and nourishing mental health. All of these components factor into maximizing performance.

These are only a few of the many ways to improve performance and avoid injury. Share these tips with your team and stay safe during peak training. In the meantime, check out the new strength equipment designed for Bentonville West High School’s football team.

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