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August 12, 2016

Back to School Workout Regimen: Easy as ABC

Back to School Workout Regimen: Easy as ABC

Whether you are going back to school or you have kids going back to school, the change in schedule will impact your workouts. Follow these three tips, so you can stay fit during back to school madness. It’s easy as ABC: Attitude, Burst exercises and Calendars!


The first step to a successful back to school workout regimen is maintaining a positive and driven attitude. Don’t let homework, extra curricular activities and driving back and forth between school drain your motivation to exercise. Instead, hold yourself accountable.

Partner with friends, family, sports teams or coaches to hold each other accountable. Adding healthy competition to your day-to-day workouts can help encourage positive work ethic. If that doesn’t work, try wearing your workout clothes during the day, so when you get the urge to workout you are ready. Looking the part can be inspiring and a great reminder of your goal to be healthy and stay fit.

Burst Exercises

With a crazy back to school schedule, you might not have time for a full two hour routine every day. Instead, look for times to squeeze “burst” exercises into your busy day. Not only are short workout regimens a huge time saver, but they are also known for burning more calories and fat.

Focus on strength training or high intensity workouts that give you the most bang for your buck.  Use a combination of strength equipment like Legend’s PRO SERIES Split Squat Roller Attachment and dumbbells to perform compound movements and work multiple muscle groups at once, or try interval training that focuses on enhancing your cardio. You may even find that intense interval training gives you extra energy to get through the day.


Plan ahead. Make a calendar of what additional responsibilities are on your plate once school starts, so you can balance exercise into your new schedule. When you think about your new workout regimen, take into consideration which equipment you can workout with at home, before or after school, versus which equipment you can only access in your local gym or school weight room. The gym equipment and weight machines available to you may impact the times and days you are able to workout.

As you prepare to go back to school, browse through Legend’s products and see what equipment and machines will fit best with your new workout regimen.

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