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August 19, 2016

5 Tips to Get Stronger Mentally and Physically

5 Tips to Get Stronger Mentally and Physically

Strength building is not just the practice of building physical strength, but it also includes exercising your mind. As you strive to perfect your workout routine, be attentive to workouts that make you both mentally AND physically stronger. Learn how to improve your mind and body with these five tips.

1.) Set Big Goals

By setting goals that are slightly out of reach, you will train yourself to problem solve and persevere. Not only do challenging daily routines test your grit to succeed, but they also motivate you to push your body. Watch how Erin Stern, track and field All-American and two-time Ms. Olympia Fitness, pushes her mental and physical strength on our Performance Plyo Cushions. Exercises like this will build mental and physical fortitude to keep you striving past the finish line.

2.) Focus on Your Diet

It’s no surprise that the foods we eat affect our bodies. But did you know that proper nutrition can make us mentally and physically more powerful? While sugary and fatty foods are known to make people sluggish, foods with certain vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, oils and proteins can drastically boost mental and physical strength.

Next time you sit down with your trainer to plan your week’s workout, be sure to talk about daily dietary goals as well. Since diet is directly correlated with brain and body health, it’s important to monitor the foods you eat as part of your daily routine.

3.) Practice Mental Imagery Exercises

The Huffington Post says, “If you’re looking to boost your strength, try flexing some mental muscles.” According to several studies, mental imagery exercises such as mental visualization can help you build mental toughness and even activate your muscles. When you virtually work out, you are actually training your mind to move beyond the physical perception of fatigue as well as your muscles.

Coaches and trainers can increase their player’s or team’s mental toughness by including mental imagery exercises, meditating, conceptualizing and reflecting into everyday workouts. Practicing mental toughness will help make athletes more physically strong and give them the edge to win.

4.) Eliminate Extrinsic Motivators

To become mentally and physically stronger, eliminate extrinsic motivators and discover an inner drive. Working out in a clean, air conditioned gym when you’re well rested is a cakewalk compared to working out after a long, tiring day in the heat. Test yourself with different workout environments. Adding different scenarios to your routine will help you push past mental and physical frustrations, making you a stronger competitor.

5.) Hold Yourself Accountable

Above all, always hold yourself accountable for variables such as good exercise habits and progress. Whether you are in the gym lifting heavy weights, hustling on the field or working out at home, holding yourself to high standards is key to getting stronger mentally and physically. Practice good fundamentals and keep track of your progress, so you can measure your strength training results.

At the end of the day, mental and physical strength are key to peak performance. Browse Legend’s products, and see which will fit best in your workout routine and make your stronger.

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