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July 22, 2016

Push Your Workout to the Next Level With a Sled

Push Your Workout to the Next Level With a Sled

It’s no surprise that sled training has increased in popularity recently; it’s one of the most efficient ways to round out an athlete’s training. Sled training involves numerous joints and muscles working together and is a great way to develop work capacity and athleticism without having a negative effect on strength and muscle gains. Because there is no eccentric part of the movement, where muscle damage is most likely to occur, there is a lower chance of injury and an increased recovery time. Sled training is hard work, but it’s definitely worth it.

So which sled should you invest in to get the most out of your exercises? Legend Fitness has three sled options, plus a multi-function cage add-on that can also be used as a sled. There’s the Pull Sled (3219), the Pro Series Push/Pull Sled (3262), the Modular Push/Pull Sled (3400), and the Pro Series Stealth Leg Press Combo (7016). Each has a slightly different function, but they can all be used to enhance training and help build a better athlete.

Pull Sled

The Pull Sled (3219) is Legend Fitness’s most basic sled option. It has a centrally located weight peg that accommodates Olympic plates and, like most Legend Fitness equipment, is fully welded for extreme strength and durability. Available in durable gloss black finish only, the Pull Sled comes with a nylon web strap with a loop handle and attached snap link. It’s a simple concept but is fantastic for building upper and lower body strength. The Pull Sled is ideal for sprint training, lunging exercises, and other pull-based sled drills. It weighs about 15 pounds unloaded. If you are looking for more robust push-pull options, though, Legend Fitness has plenty of those.

Pro Series Push/Pull Sled

Legend Fitness’s Pro Series Push/Pull Sled (3262) is jam-packed with thoughtful features that make it a true multi-function sled that will help your athletes get the most out of sled training. Let’s start with the frame. It is built with two-by-three-inch 11 gauge steel, making it super robust and able to withstand nearly anything. This rigid frame is fully welded and includes an extra crossbar, which creates pockets that kettlebells can be nestled in.

The Pro Series Push/Pull Sled has replaceable, dual-direction runners, which means smooth riding regardless of whether it is being pushed or pulled. Since the runners are replaceable (and done so easily thanks to just one bolt each) you can get more mileage out of your sled, especially if it is subject to rough surfaces like asphalt.

The Olympic-size, chrome-plated weight peg in the center is pretty standard, but two more Olympic load pegs at the back of the sled can be used as high handles for pushing. These handles can be loaded with plates for different weight balances (or just more weight). The backside pegs are removable but stay secure thanks to rubber-coated knobs. Having weight pegs at the back of the sled allows the athlete to change the distribution of the weight, which makes for a different exercise feel. Legend Fitness also offers a high handlebar attachment to provide users with a horizontal grip option.

The low handles on the front of the sled offer two more pushing stances, and the foam coating offers a more comfortable and secure grip. The eyelets on both sides of the Pro Series Push/Pull Sled allow athletes to attach straps for running or lunging exercises and to help build upper body strength. Legend Fitness didn’t stop at one eyelet per side, though. There is one on the front and three on the back, which means more options for web handle and belt strap exercises. The Pro Series Push/Pull Sled also comes with two web handles and snap links, so you can take advantage of those eyelets right out of the box.

The Pro Series Push/Pull Sled weighs about 83 pounds empty and can be loaded up with more weight than similar sleds from the competition. Available in all of Legend Fitness’s powder coat color options, it’s a powerful sled that’s great for athletic training facilities and gyms alike. However, if you need something a little more football-focused, the next option is for you.

Modular Push/Pull Sled

The Modular Push/Pull Sled (3400) from Legend Fitness may not come with web handles, but that’s really not a big deal when you consider all of the other features this massive sled has to offer. Designed to be the most versatile and value-packed sled on the market, this multi-faceted device is the ultimate sled for football and rugby teams looking to increase their speed and strength. Available in all of Legend Fitness’s powder coat color options, this is the ultimate sled for teams.

Three tiers of pushing handles allow athletes to work on power and core strength in three different stances. The top handle is for speed work, while the two lower handles help develop power down low. For more variety, attach a belt or strap to the eyelets on the front of the Modular Push/Pull Sled for running, lunging and upper body workouts.

The Olympic-size, chrome-plated weight pegs allow the user to change the sled’s center of balance and are great for keeping weights from shifting around. The Modular Push/Pull Sled is fully welded, so it can tolerate the toughest workouts. What’s more? This sled is linkable! Up to seven of the Modular Push/Pull Sleds can be rigidly linked together with no additional hardware needed, which means you can easily group-train.

Pro Series Stealth Leg Press Combo

The final sled in the Legend Fitness line up is more than just a sled, but since that’s part of it, we’ve added it to this list. The Pro Series Stealth Leg Press Combo (7016) is an add-on piece for your cage or rack that allows you to convert it into a leg press without taking up much room. It can also be configured for step-ups or kick backs and, with the addition of the included accessories, can function as a push/pull sled.

The chrome-plated Olympic weight pegs and strong, Legend Fitness standard construction make this versatile piece a perfect addition to a smaller gym looking to maximize the effectiveness of both equipment and workouts. The Pro Series Stealth Leg Press combo is available in any of our standard powder coat colors.

So, who’s ready for sled sprints, bear crawls and sled rows? Find your ideal sled today!

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