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July 15, 2016

Five Reasons the Legend Fitness Build-A-Cage Configurator is the Best

Five Reasons the Legend Fitness Build-A-Cage Configurator is the Best

At Legend Fitness, we don’t just build the best fitness equipment. We also build the best experience to customize equipment before you buy it. Our team generated an impressive way to customize products on the web, loading it up with features that will let you see exactly what you’re designing. What makes our Build-A-Cage configurator the best in the industry? Read to find out.

Full lineup of cages to build

Fifteen of Legend Fitness’ cages are available to build, from our most basic options to our most intense. So regardless of what kind of fitness center you are looking to outfit, you can configure the cage of your dreams with our Build-a-Cage Configurator. Plus, Legend Fitness makes it easy to design one that will actually fit inside your gym space.

Accessorize, don’t just color

At Legend Fitness, coloring inside the lines hasn’t always been our strong suit, so when it came time to build a configurator, we wanted to make sure it wasn’t just another paint-by-numbers kind of thing. We built a system that is more advanced than your average customizer because we wanted to make sure you got to see exactly what you wanted to buy, before buying it.

When you configure a cage on our Build-A-Cage system, you can add whatever accessories your heart desires—landmines, benches, pull up bars, spotter arms, platforms and more—and see exactly what they look like on the cage you are building. Playing around with color is just part of the fun.

Mobile friendly for when you’re on the go

The Build-A-Cage configuration system was built to be easy to use whether you are sitting in front of your computer or getting work done from your phone. Our mobile friendly design is accessible and functional for a wide range of users, so you can spend less time fighting technology and more time customizing your equipment.

Summaries available in one click

When you view the summary page in the Build-A-Cage customizer, you will see a list of all of the attachments you have selected as well as what colors you have chosen. Having an easy-to-view list of everything in one place helps ensure you have exactly what you need when you are ready to place an order.

Print or save your creation

We want you to have time to collaborate and share your cage with your team. So Legend Fitness came up with different options to save your customizations and come back to them later. Users can create a profile on our site (don’t worry, we won’t SPAM you or sell your info) to save your creation and come back to it any time or even print your design to share. You can save multiple creations and test a variety of looks and sizes.

Additionally, when you save your configuration, one of our Legend Fitness reps can reach out to you and answer questions. Ask questions about the product, get pricing or even request samples of over 28 powder coat colors and over 80 upholstery colors. We are here to help in any way you need!

Ready to start building the cage of your dreams? Head on over to the best configurator in the fitness industry, the Legend Fitness Build-A-Cage.

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