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June 17, 2016

5 Ways to Promote Your Gym

5 Ways to Promote Your Gym

You can have the most talented fitness instructors, a contagious workout environment and high-end workout equipment, but without effective marketing, your business will struggle. Implement these five easy ways to promote your gym and put your fitness facility on the map.

Social Media

Digital marketing is an effective and relatively cheap (or free) long-term gym promotion strategy every gym owner should utilize. Social media enables targeting, brand awareness, campaign promotion, networking, search engine optimization and more.

Not only can you post updates and pictures of the unique amenities and qualities your gym has, but the capacity for social sharing also facilitates new opportunities for your gym. Maximize social media promotion by encouraging current customers to “check-in” at your gym and actively share their experiences with friends.


Connecting your brand to positive sponsorships or charitable events is another key to gym promotion. Because there are so many sponsorship opportunities in the health and fitness industries, gyms can participate and partner with causes that compliment their values and goals.

Depending on finances, gym owners can also choose short-term or long-term sponsorships. For example, create a short-term promotion where you offer to donate a certain percentage of membership fees to a cause or create a long-term promotion where you sponsor an annual 5K or sports team.


There is nothing more tempting than freebies and giveaways! Let customers experience the benefits of your gym first-hand. Offering a free first month membership, personal training session, healthy snack or nutritional counseling are all great ways to let people try your business or product risk-free and subsequently get hooked.

Plus, freebies and giveaways can reach more people than you think. Even something as simple as giving away free t-shirts with your gym’s logo can be greatly beneficial when people start seeing your name throughout the community.


Being actively involved in the community and industry related events is another top gym promotion strategy. Whether you set up a booth at fitness conventions and health expos, volunteer at fundraisers or attend the local high school’s sports games, regular exposure at events is a promising way to increase brand recognition for your gym.

Referral Programs

Use the current clients you already have to build your network of customers. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote your gym. When people have a positive customer service experience at your gym, they are more likely to share their experience with others. A referral program gives delighted customers extra motive to get friends, family and neighbors to join.

Begin implementing these five ways to promote your gym today! However, promoting your gym is only one small piece of the puzzle. Read what other factors are key to successful gym ownership.

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