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May 27, 2016

Legend Fitness New Product Alert: Reverse Back Extension Machines

Reverse Back Extensions from Legend FItness

The importance of a strong posterior chain – low back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves – is at the center of athletic performance training, with glutes and hamstrings often receiving the most focus. The reverse back extension is an exercise that emphasizes the lower back, a common problem area for athletes and non-athletes alike.

The Legend Fitness Pro Series Reverse Back Extension (974) machine provides strength training in the concentric (lifting) phase and stretching in the eccentric (return) phase, blurring the line between power training and therapy. The enhanced, comfort-centric construction, combined with the relative ease-of-use that a selectorized design provides, results in a device that is just as at home in the rehabilitation environment as it is in a weight room.

Legend Fitness Reverse Back Extensions

The Pro Series Reverse Back Extension has numerous features that differentiate it from its competitors. A 200-pound weight stack in user-friendly, selectorized 10-pound increments gives users control over how much they are lifting in a less intimidating package than a plate-loaded machine. Because it is a selectorized machine, the swing arm is constantly under tension, which prevents a swinging momentum from building and requires the user to exert just as much effort to lift the pendulum upward on the tenth rep as on the first. The leg roller pad provides the articulation necessary for proper form, while the range of motion provides more lower back stretch than competitive designs.

In addition to making sure the Pro Series Reverse Back Extension was easy to use, we put extra focus on user comfort. The integrated step with replaceable polymer grip plate assists users in mounting and dismounting the machine safely and easily. Beyond that, the two-tier pad design helps relieve pressure on the user’s diaphragm for better breathing, while the rollover pad decreases pressure put on the hips.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Legend Fitness product without top-of-the-line internals and easy maintenance. The Pro Series Reverse Back Extension has tough but smooth pillow block bearings with grease fittings for ease of maintenance, and the PowerMax pulleys prolong cable life and use shielded bearings for long lasting, smooth action. The cam plate features a thick, chrome-plated pop pin plate, which will handle a variety of adjustments for years.

Legend Fitness Reverse Back Extensions

If the Pro Series Reverse Back Extension (974) is a bit too much for the environment you’ve created—either feature-wise or price-wise—we also have a Performance version of the Reverse Back Extension. The Performance Series Reverse Back Extension (976) is a simplified version of model 974 that is priced lower to better suit some budgets. It is still a selectorized machine with a padded leg roller and adjustable pendulum that is constantly under pressure. It still has all of the high-quality Legend Fitness parts as well. The only major difference is that it does not have the taller, two-tier pad design, which also means it does not need the step plate to assist with mounting and dismounting the machine. Because of this, the Performance Series Reverse Back Extension has a smaller footprint, which means it fits easier into tighter spaces.

Regardless of which Legend Fitness Reverse Back Extension machine you opt to add to your training room, the stretching, strength, and therapeutic benefits of the machine make it very worth having. Both machines are available in 30 powder coat colors and upholstered with over 80 Naugahyde colors, making them the most customizable Reverse Back Extension machines on the market.

Watch WBFF Figure Pro Carlene Steenekamp show the features and use of the Pro Series Reverse Back Extension here, and see IFBB Pro Whitney Jones demonstrate the Performance Series Reverse Back Extension here. If you’d like to add either Reverse Back Extension machine to your lineup contact a Legend Fitness sales rep.

Originally, the 974 was named the Reverse Back Extension and the 976 was named the Varsity Series Reverse Back Extension. These products were renamed to better fit in the ever-growing Legend Fitness product line, based on their features. In some instances, the original names may still be reflected in some materials.

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