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April 8, 2016

5 Ways Video Can Improve Your Summer Training Program

5 Ways Video Can Improve Your Summer Training Program

As a strength training coach, it is your responsibility to use summer conditioning to take your athletes to the next level. Have you ever wondered about different ways to do this? We think that one of the easiest and most convenient ways to truly have an impact on your athletes is through the use of video in your training. This season is the perfect time to implement video in your summer training program, and we have five reasons you should do it.

1. Establish a Starting Point

Use video to demonstrate to your athletes where they are in their training. You can use the video to give them a reference point of where they are starting and where they want to end up — especially when it comes to preserving form while increasing weight and speed. This can be a great tool to talk through bad practiced habits that athletes may not even know they have. Diagnose problems and talk through them with your trainees.

2. Feedback Assistance

It can be hard to give individual feedback when you are on a training schedule. It may even feel impossible to give attention to every part of an athlete’s regimen. Shooting video, analyzing and providing real time feedback of a video can open doors to a personalized and immediate feedback option. You can also use this to make plans for improvement even without the athlete present.

3. Visualize Improvement

You know what they say, sometimes you just have to see it to believe it. The visualization of correct training may be exactly what your athlete needs in order to improve. Videos allow you to contrast worst and best practices for your trainees — showing them their own performances will give them a more tangible motivation for improvement.

4. Large Group Teaching

Videos are great for coaches with a high volume of athletes in their training program. You can use videos to demonstrate to the whole group as many times as needed and with the ability to instruct on thorough details of training methods.

5. On-the-go Training

You may not spend time with your athletes outside of training — but videos can. On-the-go video instruction can be an awesome tool for training because it enables them to be thinking, watching and improving even when they are on the road or at home.

When it comes to using video analysis for your athletes, the possibilities are endless. You can use this tool in many ways to instruct, enforce and improve the best possible methods for the athletes you are working with. Your first question may be what exercises work best for video analysis. We have a few machines that we think are top-notch when it comes to using video to improve speed and strength training. Check them out, and contact us to get them in your weight room today.

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