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April 1, 2016

5 Machines You Need This Summer

5 Machines You Need This Summer

Summer is a critical time for athlete training, especially student athletes. Strength coaches should be looking at summer to dive in deep with strength and speed training. Now is the time to build the muscles in an athlete’s legs so they have more power and strength come fall. Here are the top five machines that can have a major impact on your summer strength success.


  1. Glute/Ham Developer

As we said before, summer is the time to build strength and speed. We recommend a standard glute/ham developer to get a thorough burning sensation in an athlete’s glutes and hamstrings. As you continue to build more strength with this machine, you will see results as you increase in running speed, acceleration and jumping ability.


  1. Push/Pull Sled

This piece of equipment is dynamic and versatile, and it’s designed to build athletes that reflect this. Challenge your athletes with different weights and handle stances, which will build stronger linemen and more explosive runners. Use the top handles for speed work, and the lower two handles for building power down low. Legend’s model has the option to add an attachable belt for running and lunging exercises for increased speed and agility.


  1. Reverse Back Extension

At the center of athletic performance training is the importance of a strong posterior chain — low back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. At Legend Fitness, we believe this is where an athlete’s speed and acceleration is born. The lower back is a common problem for athletes (and non-athletes). The Reverse Back Extension places emphasis on strengthening this area during the lifting phase (concentric) and stretching in the return phase (eccentric). This combination of power training and therapy introduces a rehabilitation component in the use of this machine.


  1. Standing Calf

Calf muscles are small, and it can be challenging to produce results. What happens when you combine engineering and training? Legendary results. The Legend Fitness Standing Calf Machine has a non-skid footplate that provides full-range movement. Use our 300-lb. weight stack to take this exercise to the next level and push athletes to the max. This machine is dependable — the hard work is up to you.


  1. Performance Plyo Cushions

Okay, you got us… these aren’t technically a machine, but this piece of equipment is so great we knew you wouldn’t want to miss out. Don’t let the word “cushion” fool you. Made from a dense, firm foam and wrapped in a heavy duty tarp material, these performance enhancing plyometric tools will get the job done. The foam is better than traditional steel plyo boxes because the “give” of the foam allows for a low impact exercise. It still forces the user to make adjustments with their ankles and knees, strengthening connective tissues and requiring more participation from stabilizing muscles. Legend Fitness designs these cushions in round cylinders so there’s no compromise on stability.


We want this summer to be a time of intense improvement with legendary results, so let Legend Fitness equipment help you get there. Want to see some of these machines in action? Check out the Equipment in Action videos on our website.

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