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April 22, 2016

3 Biggest Mistakes Gym Owners Make

3 Biggest Mistakes Gym Owners Make

Gym ownership can be a scary beast to tackle, especially if you are new to the industry or a first time business owner. But similar to exercising, if you stay true to your values, work hard and have a plan, you will see positive results.  Avoid these three biggest mistakes gym owners make, and watch your business grow.

Mistake #1: Not establishing core values/beliefs.

What makes your gym special? One major mistake gym owners make is not establishing core values. A large part of running a successful gym is creating a culture that sets your gym apart from other exercise facilities.

Outline a code of conduct, training principles, customer service guidelines and other important beliefs you want to define your workout environment. Use these values when hiring, training, engaging with customers and even when exercising on your own.

Mistake #2: Too much time training and not enough time maintaining the business.

Besides having a passion for working out, gym owners also need to have knowledge about how to run a gym. One of the most common gym ownership mistakes is spending too much time on the floor and not enough time in the office focusing on running a business. Managing time to do both is key.

Since owning a gym is a competitive business, it is important to have a strategic business plan. For example, market to clients outside of work to gain new members. This is a great business initiative that will grow your company and build a relationship with the community.

Mistake #3: Treating all members the same.

Not everyone coming to the gym wants to “feel the burn” or become a powerlifter. Client experience is one of the main reasons for returning customers, so it is important to consider everyone’s unique needs and goals. Provide gym members with a range of workout equipment to supplement varying exercise levels. Group activities and classes are another great way to allow people to bond with others who share similar fitness goals.


These are only a few of the most common gym ownership mistakes. Now that you know what to avoid, learn more about what makes gym owners successful. With the right mindset, a hard work ethic and thoughtful plan, you can make your gym ownership dreams come true. Let us help — it’s time to make your gym ownership legendary.

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