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March 11, 2016

Spring Cleaning: Tips & Tricks

Spring Cleaning: Tips & Tricks

Spring cleaning is not just for your house! If you own or manage a fitness center, gym or weight lifting facility, make spring cleaning a priority there as well. For most of your patrons, a clean facility is going to equal good hygiene, orderliness and functioning equipment. Here are some tips for keeping the space you manage clean, working properly and looking great.

Have a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Before we get started on tips for your spring cleaning, we want to recommend creating a regular cleaning routine that hits every single part of your facility. Make sure that you establish a routine cleaning schedule for you and your employees to follow. Post a document up and have each employee initial the cleaning items they take care of during their shift to make sure that clear expectations are in place. If you build this into your everyday to-do list and everyone does their part, your spring cleaning will be less overwhelming.


Exercise and weight lifting facilities often require a texturized rubber flooring. These surfaces are stubborn when it comes to holding onto dust and sweat. You should be vacuuming your floors almost daily with a high-filtration vacuum. For an in-depth spring cleaning, use a damp mop with a solution of vinegar and water to bust away grimy build up (half a cup of vinegar per bucket of water).  


You can also use this water and vinegar solution on your exercise equipment, the vinegar cleans and kills germs. Even if you provide germicidal wipes for clients to wipe down machines after use, during spring cleaning be more thorough than your clients or even your regular cleaning process. Lift equipment and wipe away any excess residue that may not normally be accessible. NOTE: DO NOT use bleach or alcohol-based cleaners to clean equipment. This can cause premature rust and rapidly fatigue upholstery. Doing so will invalidate Legend warranties and guarantees.

Out With the Old

Clients will notice if your equipment has started to fall below standards. You never want to have a reputation for broken or malfunctioning equipment — this will interrupt progress for your clients and is an overall safety hazard. If you have damaged equipment, consider it an investment in your facility’s future stability to go ahead and replace it with new pieces.

As a gym owner, we know you want to provide the best experience for your clients. If you find yourself needing new equipment as you spring clean, we would love to hook you up with exactly what you need. Get in touch today, and your equipment could be on its way!

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