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March 25, 2016

Make It a Lifestyle: Staying Healthy Beyond Spring Break

Make It a Lifestyle: Staying Healthy Beyond Spring Break

Between New Year’s resolutions and spring break, the first of the year is filled with plenty of motivation to get healthy, workout, shed some pounds or tone up after a more relaxed holiday season. Many people implement strict diet restrictions and hit the gym religiously to make sure they are happy with the beachbody they have for spring break vacations. But what if you developed habits that stuck around? It’s time to create habits that could help you have the beachbody all year long while being more healthy and active consistently, instead of just a few months out of the year.


Schedule Workouts First

It is time to choose to put your health first. When planning your week, don’t plan your workouts around everything else that you have going on, plan them first and work the other priorities around that. Make your workouts part of your non-negotiable schedule — you have to go to work for a certain number of hours and people understand that. Set the same kind of expectation around the time you commit to working out and staying fit.


Well-rounded Routine

Maybe your spring break prep concentrated a lot on toning your six-pack or your arms. Now it is time to round it out and include the rest of your body. Legs, back, shoulders — make sure that you are evenly distributing your strength building exercises for a well-rounded fitness plan that will ultimately result in a healthier, and stronger, you.


Don’t Call It a Diet

For the first couple months of the year, it may seem that everyone around you is on a diet, wanting to lose weight for spring break. But this is typically short lived and many of those diet plans are not sustainable long-term or even healthy. You need to become food smart. Meet with a nutritionist or dietician, tell them about your fitness routine and explain your goals. They can work with your specific body to develop a plan that will not just be a fad diet, but will become a lifestyle that could change everything about how you approach food and how it affects your body.

Use this knowledge to make your fitness routine a lifestyle and not just something you do for a couple of months before spring break. Bathing suits are starting to hit the shelves, and we want you looking good — but most importantly feeling great all year long! Check out more workout tips and videos from Legend Fitness and begin to implement these healthy habits in your everyday.

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