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March 21, 2016

7 Items for High School Weight Rooms on a Budget

Are you a weightlifting teacher or high school coach? Then you may have some challenges when it comes to affording top-notch equipment in your weight room. Your athletes deserve the best, so we’ve rounded up products that will empower student athletes without breaking the bank. Some of these items expand the functionality of Legend Fitness items you might already have, while others are complete groupings that are offered at a lower price point altogether.

1) Varsity Power Rack
This is a classic, cost-effective squatting Olympic lifting solution. While this machine sacrifices accessory compatibility for a more affordable price, we believe it can still be a great addition to your weight room. This is also a good wallet-friendly deal because  racks and cages are extremely versatile gym pieces.


2) Varsity Glute/Ham Developer
An athlete’s ability to sprint, jump and accelerate comes from the muscle groups on the back of the legs. A glute/ham developer (GHD) is designed to target these muscles and create not only more agile athletes, but also to help avoid hamstring injuries — one of the most common injuries among students, amateurs and even pros. The Varsity version of the GHD is affordable and designed to break down for shipping, providing more affordable shipping rates as well.


3) Partner Glute/Ham Developer
Speaking of Glute/Ham Developers, this is the most affordable solution on the market. To use most effectively, you can either have a partner hold down your ankles or place your feet against a sturdy vertical surface, and glute/ham raises are instantly added to the program. While the ability to hang and stretch the lower back is lost, this item is great for those new to the exercise as training users can push off from the floor until the exercise can be completed without assistance.


4) Continuum Quarter Cage/Squat Stand
This piece offers all the advantages of a Legend Performance Series Half Cage (including compatibility with most Performance Series accessories) with the exception of plate storage. Also designed to break down for shipment, this has reduced shipping costs when compared to other Legend Fitness cages.


Already have some Legend Fitness equipment? Can’t afford new equipment? Just add functionality to previously purchased Legend items, like:

5) Adjustable Band Peg Spotter Arms
If your weight lifting program already owns Legend Performance Series Cages and is now recognizing the benefits of resistance band training, this items allows resistance bands to be added after the fact. This is a cost-effective option because normally resistance band pegs have to be welded onto the frame at the factory.


6) Landmines/Grappler
Landmines are compatible with any Legend Pro and Performance Series Cage that has been pre-drilled. These accessories allow for dozens of ground-based exercises to be added to the repertoire of most Legend Fitness cages. The Grappler offers the same exercises, but doesn’t require a Legend cage.


7) Stealth Leg Press
These pieces add the ability to do leg presses on any Legend cage. This is advantageous because leg presses normally require a separate, rather large piece of equipment. With a stealth leg press, several fundamental exercises can be added to the already impressive list of exercises that are possible with a cage/rack. With the Performance Series Stealth Leg Press, you get a standard leg press add-on, but with the Pro Series Stealth Leg Press/Sled you get the leg press, a step up, a sled, and more!


Hopefully this has helped you discover some cost-effective options for improving your high school’s weight room. To see more of our budget friendly items, check out our Varsity Line and reach out to a Legend Fitness expert today.

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