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February 29, 2016

Our Favorite Foods to Supplement Strength Training

Our Favorite Foods to Supplement Strength Training

You are what you eat, so make it healthy. Just like planning a well-maintained workout routine, you should also consider what foods you are consuming and how they work with your strength training to reach your personal fitness goals. These our some of our favorite foods that we make sure to pair with our weight lifting regimen.

Fruits (Apple, Banana, Mango)

One of the good things about fruit is that you don’t need to eat a lot to get the benefits. Grabbing a piece (one serving) of fruit pre or post workout will supply you with natural sugars to help regulate your blood sugar during or after your workout. The fibers in fruit are also helpful in keeping you full and your blood sugar stable as the sugars from the fruit give you energy and help repair muscle cells.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a fantastic choice for healthy carb loading. Sweet potatoes also have natural sugars that will help control your blood sugar — but that’s not all! These yummy yams also contain the amino acid tryptophan which can help relax your body and reduce stress. Also – move over banana – sweet potatoes are a good source of potassium helping to lower stress hormones, manage high blood pressure and restore the electrolytes that may have been depleted by the tough workout you just completed.


As you exercise, your body produces damaging free radicals. Almonds are a top source of antioxidants like flavonoids, phenolic acids, and vitamin E — all of which fight harmful free radicals. Not to mention, almonds are a great source of protein.


Spinach is a solid source of plant-based protein, iron, magnesium and B vitamins. Keep some spinach on hand – you can throw this green in with so many different types of meals whether that be a smoothie, salad or paired with some lentils and a sweet potato.


With fiber, carbs and protein, the slow-digesting carbs in oats will support you with energy throughout your workout. Post-workout, oats can aid in muscle repair and restore energy. Quinoa or oats are also great sources of protein you need to support important body functions.

You gain muscle by breaking it down — foods are the way you help your muscles repair themselves bigger and stronger than before. Make sure that you are making smart food decisions to go along with your work out.


Why do we care? Because we want you to see maximum results not only from the equipment you use but also the lifestyle you choose. At Legend Fitness, we know a thing or two about strength training with efficiency. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

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