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January 22, 2016

Reasons to Keep Machines in Your Workout

Reasons to Keep Machines in Your Workout

Although some trainers have jumped on the trend of using purely free weights, we think it is important to keep machines as part of your workout. Of course, thorough training is all about incorporating challenging variations into your routine, so we aren’t saying you should completely forget dumbbells exist. However, we do think machines offer some benefits that free weights can’t. Machines are functional in building muscle, getting stronger and improving your weaknesses. Here are some reasons we love them!

Feel the Tension

Unlike free weights, there is no position of rest – machines offer a guaranteed constant tension to keep muscles engaged. Working against the machine is key and will ultimately be more effective than working against your own limits.

More Concentrated Movement

To a degree, when you are using free weights some of your efforts must focus on keeping the desired path of motion. This can take away from the concentrated effects on the muscles you desire to see results in. With a machine you can concentrate on the push/pull rather than balance.

Test Yourself to the Max

A machine will allow you to push past muscle fatigue because you can decrease your load one or more times by small intervals. You can continue to do reps without resting and truly push your limits to the max.

Machines Keep You Safe

Machines have built-in safety functions that don’t exist when it comes to free weights. If you are a beginner or pushing yourself to the next level, safety is going to be a very important factor. These safety features are especially crucial if you are completing your workout routine without a spotter. The safe designs of machines are a good guide for how to complete your workout without hitting unnatural, harmful movements.

Overall, we suggest hybrid workouts including machines and free weights. Change it up, have a plan, stay safe and challenge yourself with every trip to the gym,

Interested in hearing more about the possibilities of gym machinery? Get in touch with one of our equipment specialists.


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