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January 15, 2016

Prepare Your Gym for New Year’s Resolutions

Prepare Your Gym for New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year – a fresh start for many people, including resolutions to finally get healthy or lose weight. While this might annoy some of the regular gym-goers, it’s a great thing for you, the gym owner, because you can capitalize on the new clients. This is your time to prove to them that they want to keep their resolution beyond the first month or two.

Take stock of your equipment.

The biggest way you can prepare for the influx of new members is to make sure you have enough equipment. Take inventory of what you have, and then make a list of what you need and what you want. Maybe your gym needs more racks and cages, or maybe it needs updated body weight stations. Whatever it is, provide plenty of options for your clients so people aren’t getting frustrated with their favorite machines always being occupied.

Keep your gym in prime shape.

Also, check that your equipment is in good condition. No one wants to run on a squeaky treadmill or pick up weights that are rusting. Take this into account when making your list of what you need and want, then reach out to fitness and weight training equipment manufacturers like Legend Fitness to supply your gym with top quality products.

Welcome new members.

Don’t forget to create an inviting atmosphere. All of the machines and equipment can be intimidating for someone who is new to fitness. Staff up and have friendly faces walking around the gym offering help to those who need it. Also consider creating an introduction class that teaches people how to use the various pieces of equipment in your gym. This will make them feel welcome and comfortable – two things that will keep them loyal and coming back.

Create community.

While you’re creating an inviting atmosphere, establish a community. Provide opportunities for people to interact and share in their fitness journeys. Consider putting a chart on the wall with people’s goals. It will encourage discussion and help hold people accountable.

Embrace this time of year and use it to your advantage. This could be the year your gym grows exponentially – all due to how you handle this moment. If you are interested in updating some of your equipment or want to add more to your collection, reach out to a Legend Fitness sales rep today.

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