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December 29, 2015

5 New Features of the New Legend Fitness Site

5 New Features of the New Legend Fitness Site

We built our new site with one person in mind: you. We know you trust us to deliver quality equipment that will help you reach your goals and challenge yourself in new ways. We take that very seriously and want you to be able to find exactly what you need, no hassle or headache. We think you will love our new site, because just like our products, it’s legendary.

Here’s how we took it to the next level:

Your Log-in and Favorites

During our site strategy we mapped out the journey our customers take in making their decision to buy Legend Fitness equipment. We know that our customers want the best and that means they are doing the research, looking at the details and keeping their heads up for quality. During this process we took a look around the industry and we noticed there was something missing – an intuitive, user-friendly favoriting feature.  We wanted to create a way so that our customers can do their research, make a list of favorites that is waiting for them when they return. Users can look through products on a mobile device on the go, then pull up those exact same products when they are back at the office on a desktop – easy and intuitive.

On our new site, you can create an account as your very own space. As you browse, be sure to use our new favoriting feature on products and showcases you love. Then head back to your profile where you’ll find your favorites all in one place.

Product Display

On our new site, we have our products displayed in a way that will help you efficiently filter and find what you are looking for. The visual representations of our products will help you see details and variations so you can fine-tune every detail of your equipment. Our product displays have been reorganized and re-architected to encourage seamless navigation – allowing the user to identify what they are looking for then get the information they need quickly and effectively.


In reimagining our new site we wanted to express who we were as a brand through the experience of the site while focusing on what users want – seamless navigation and easy to find information. When it comes to fitness equipment we believe products stand for themselves. That’s why we rethought the way displayed our past work . We have categorized our product showcases with you in mind, making it easier for you to find a showcase you relate to and picture your space optimized with Legend Fitness equipment.

Legend Fitness Blog

A reimagined Legend Fitness feature, our blog will offer you the information you need to be at the top of your game. We never want to stop being our best, and we know you feel the same. The Legend Fitness blog’s tips and updates will show you exactly what legends are made of. We have divided our blog into 4 categories:

  1. Strength & Conditioning: One stop for all things high school & college strength.
  2. Workout/Lifestyle Tips: Exercises, dietary tips and gear, you can find it all here.
  3. Equipment: Here you will find product updates, announcements and general equipment information.
  4. Gym Ownership: All things private gym, from ownership tips to industry specific equipment needs.

The Build-A-Cage Configurator (coming soon)

We’ve saved the best for last. This new feature will allow you to virtually build from our basic cage to a visual representation of your customized cage. Choose from our different color options, add your logo and design your cage with all of our add-on features. When you’ve got it just right, save and send it to your representative. The perfect equipment will be on its way before you can mix your protein shake.

Enjoy and make sure to check out these features and more at the new Legendfitness.com!

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