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November 30, 2015

Introducing the SelectEDGE Product Line

Introducing the SelectEDGE Product Line

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product line SelectEDGE, which delivers American-made quality and ingenuity to the fitness market in a streamlined package certain to please novice strength trainers and experienced athletes alike.

Clean lines and hidden cables give the SelectEDGE machines a uniform profile, helping them look right at home in modern club environments. Big weight stacks and smooth motion make them relevant for stronger users, while performance-grade durability and ease of maintenance will bring fitness facility operators coming back for more—it’s a good thing that there are 11 machines in all. Here are the benefits and features you can expect across the entire product line:


The SelectEDGE line has more personalization options than the competition! Choose from 30 frame colors and over 80 upholstery colors. Two-tone upholstery is standard, but seat back pads can be further customized with embroidery, and vinyl decals can be added to the shrouds. Our extensive color collection allows the client more freedom in adapting our products to meet their wildest imagination.

Comfort & Construction

We weren’t messing around when it came to SelectEDGE’s durability and strength. Eleven gauge, mandrel-bent ovalized tubing, aviation-grade cables and high durometer fiberglass-polymer pulleys with sealed bearings complete its robust construction.

The guide rods that the weight stack travels upon are 1-inch solid steel and chrome plated for smooth motion. The seating pads are contoured, upholstered with double-stitched vinyl and secured to thick support boards with chamfered edges.


This high-performance line boasts the functionality that users have come to expect from a pin select training collection. Weight stack and pulley designs appeal to the more advanced weightlifter, while easy-to-use instructional placards and bright yellow pop pins guide beginners through position adjustment. The weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and is connected to the stack to prevent misplacement. Hidden springs assist in lifting bottom seats, making the SelectEDGE’s mechanically-assisted adjustability a prized feature.


The modular construction of weight stack/bolt-on function makes repair and installs easier, while the top weight plate is fitted with self-lubricating bushings and a rubber sleeve for impact protection.


For decades, we have brought the Southern sense of value and hard work to the strength and fitness equipment world with our line of American-made fitness products. If you’re interested in learning more about the SelectEDGE collection, browse the full product line.

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