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The Legend Fitness PRO SERIES Modular Half Cage #3264  Shares the features of the Pro Series Half Cage, but removes the rear cross member for a open walk-through design & allows for cages to be linked together. view more photos Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

PRO SERIES Modular Half Cage #3264

  • Fusion Modules (pulldown/row, cable column, etc.) can be bolted into the back for more versatility.
  • Designed to be bolted to other Modular Cages via Cage Connectors.
  • Each side is a single welded piece for the ultimate in rigidity.
  • Chrome plated, offset, 7 gauge racking with laser cut numbering.
  • No lower crossmember, must be bolted to floor.

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Incorporating the same design advantages as the 3263 Modular Power Cage, the 3264 Modular Half Cage features an open walk-through design with low profile footplates, the ability to add more functionality through bolt-in modules, and the ability to be bolted to other Legend modular cages, resulting in a shared rigidity benefit.

Even though Legend Pro Series cages have been CAD developed to use as few fasteners as possible to provide the ultimate in structural rigidity, there are those that still desire a system that takes things a step further. Originally developed to meet the specific demands of Coach Chip Pugh of TTU, our Pro Series Modular Cages feature everything that you may already be familiar with in the Pro Series Half Cage, but eliminates the rear lower crossmember for a very open walk-through design, uses low profile flat steel instead of steel tubing as the "feet" of the cage, and then adds the ability for the cages to be linked together using 72-inch rear connectors and 96-inch side connectors - each with multi-grip pull-up stations. When two or more of these cages are bolted together using this system, the rigidity is multiplied, creating an extremely stable "jungle" of cages and pull-up stations. The more racks that are added to the "jungle", the more rigid the whole assembly becomes.

The feet of the cage are a solid piece of 3/4-inch steel plate, eliminating any structural joints low on the cage and allows for each side of the cage to be one fully welded unit. In the end, you have the most rigid system to be found anywhere, resulting in rows of cages that won't just be there to catch heavy loads, but likely won't even shimmy while doing so.

But that's not all. The Modular concept goes beyond being able to build Power Cage jungle gyms. All Legend Modular Series Cages were designed to accept Legend Fusion Modules. Fusion Modules increase the range of exercises beyond what a traditional cage can offer by integrating another exercise station in between the rear uprights. There are pin select Fusion Modules for lat pulldowns and seated rows, there is a plate-loaded Destroyer Fusion Module for functional football training, and you can even create a cable crossover by connecting two cages back-to-back and then equip the cages with Cable Column Fusion Modules.

Get the most out of your limited floorspace. Get into the Legend Modular Cage System.

Standard features include:
Overbuilt for Strength
11 gauge 3x3-inch tubing and 7 gauge, chrome-plated racking with laser-cut numbering.

The Ultimate in Rigidity
Like most Legend Fitness items, the Pro Series Modular Half Rack has been developed with three-dimensional CAD software to use as few fasteners as possible. This entire rack only has 16 bolts across 4 joints, reducing the possible points of weakness and maintenance. Compare to competitor's cages that use a bajillion bolts (Roughly speaking. Could be a kajillion.)

Monster Hooks
Oversized, dual peg, fully welded bar catches with carry handle, number window and extremely durable yet replaceable polymer contact surfaces. Extended reach profile of hook increases safety without getting in the way. No metal-to-metal contact with the bar protects the knurling and means no rust, no paint chips and more energy absorption. In other words, the part of the cage you interact with most is AWESOME.

Your Friend When In Need
The safety arms were overbuilt for when something slips, featuring not only a 3x2-inch cross section and ABS wearguards, but an internal, solid, 1-inch racking rod.

Lots o' Storage
12 chrome-plated, frame-welded, numbered, Olympic-size plate storage pegs that are slightly angled for safety.
Upright bar storage for up to 4 Olympic bars (can also hold the optional dip attachments and bench rods for the bench docking system).

Extra Versatility
Lower band pegs for band resistance exercises
Multi grip pull-up bar in front, round "fat bar" pull-up bar in back
Bench docking system
3264 Dimensions

Available options include:

Two Tone Paint Option (no additional charge)

Weight Stack Upgrade

3144-PS Custom Post Stickers

3221-72C 72" Side-to-Side Connector

3221-96C 92" Side-to-Side Connector

3233 Single LandMine attachment

3235 Dual LandMine attachment

3252 Swivel Pull-Up Handles

3253 Split Squat Roller Attachment

3226-T Technique Trays

3255 Independent Dip Attachments

3263-72BC 72" Back-to-Back Connector

3263-96BC 96" Back-to-Back Connector

3268-F1 Inside Lat Pulldown/Seated Row Modular Insert

3268-F2 Outside Lat Pulldown/Seated Row Modular Insert

3268-F3L Adjustable Cable Column Modular Insert (Left Facing)

3268-F3R Adjustable Cable Column Modular Insert (Right Facing)

3268-F4 Destroyer Modular Insert

3270-L Single Unit Dip Attachment (Left Side)

3270-R Single Unit Dip Attachment (Right Side)

3222 Pro Series Bench

3222-D Docking System

3144-WG Custom Logo on Wear Guard

(Unlike the TTU cages, Pro Series Modular Cages are constructed of 11 gauge steel, but retains the usual 7 gauge chrome-plated racking of all Legend Pro Series Cages.)
NOTE: Insert platforms are not compatible with this cage.

Bolt-Down Tab

Shipping Weight: 948 lbs.
Measurements: (LxWxH):57.6" X 68.2" X 101.2"
Keywords:pro series, cage, half cage, modular, upper body, lower body, squat, legs, chest, arms, rack

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