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The Legend Fitness Functional Trainer Fusion Half Cage #3142-FT  This versatile cage combines our popular Performance Series Half Cage with our dual stack Functional Trainer. Free weights & cable exercises! view more photos Photo Photo Photo Photo

Functional Trainer Fusion Half Cage #3142-FT

  • Functional trainer and half cage in one.
  • Ideal for small workout areas where every sq ft matters.
  • Each side is a single welded piece for the ultimate in rigidity.
  • Supplied with two 200 lbs. weight stacks, upgradable to 250 lbs. or 300 lbs.

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"Versatile" is a word that we use a lot to describe our products, and in this case it's especially appropriate. This member of our Fusion Series line of hybrid cages combines our best-selling Performance Series Half Cage with our dual stack Functional Trainer, providing oodles and oodles of free weight and cable exercises in a the footprint of a standard cage.

On the Functional Trainer side, no compromises were made in the operation of the device. Everything you can do on our standard Functional Trainer, you can do here. It comes with two 200lb weight stacks as standard, but they can be upgraded to 250lbs or even 300lbs. Chrome-plated uprights offer laser-cut numbering to assist the user in pulley placement, and two nylon grip web handles are supplied, as well as our proprietary 53.5-inch knurled long bar. Up above is a crossmember with fully welded multi-grip pull-up bars. In the back are accessory hooks to hang whatever handles or attachments aren't in use. Smooth operation comes courtesy of poly-coated aviation-grade cable gliding on composite pulleys with high quality bearings.

On the Half Cage side, you get everything that comes with our usual 3142, including a 54-inch deep lifting area, five-piece welded Beefy J-Hooks, and 24-inch spotter arms with 1-inch solid internal racking rods that will exceed expectations in safety and rigidity. Up above is a 1.5-inch crossmember, upgradeable to an arching Pro Style crossmember with multi-grip pull-up bars, and Olympic bar storage in the form of two welded hangers (click View More Photos to see placement) . The 3x3-inch, 11-gauge uprights feature laser-cut numbering and will accept all of the optional attachments created for our usual Performance Series cages.

Advantages over the competition:
  • Properly spaced pulley columns, angled outward to allow a single user proper form in performing flys, or more room for two users on each column.
  • More weight stack options.
  • More weight storage with chrome-plated storage pegs.
  • Separate cage and functional trainer areas allow two users at once.

Functional Trainer Exercises

Click image above to download a PDF of our Functional Trainer Exercises poster!

Available options include:

Two Tone Paint Finish

3144-PS Custom Post Stickers

3236 Beefy Spotter Arms

3236-B Adjustable Band Peg Bars

3238-U Upper Band Pegs

3238-L Lower Band Pegs

3147 Dip Attachment

3172 Step Up Attachment

3233 Single LandMine Attachment

3235 Dual LandMine Attachment

3244 Reverse Spotter Arms

3237 Additional J-Hooks

3252 Swivel Grip Pull-Up Handles

3256 Pro Style Top Crossmember

3261 Walk-Through Rear Bar Storage

3207 Performance Series Monster Hooks

3133-72C 72" Modular Connector

3133-96C 96" Modular Connector

PLEASE NOTE: This machine features 2:1 reduction, meaning that any selected weight will feel lighter by half due to an additional pulley between the user and the weight stack.

Bolt-Down Tab

Shipping Weight: 1482 lbs.
Measurements: (LxWxH):98.6"X68.75"X93.75"
Keywords:cage, rack, half cage, Performance Series, multi stack, functional trainer, upper body, lower body, Fusion Series

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