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At roughly the halfway point in the year, we are thrilled to say that 2012, and the three or so years leading up to it, have been fantastic for Legend Fitness. As word about Legend's quality, innovation and value permeated the marketplace, the orders kept flying in. Each new quarter showed another sales or revenue record being broken. Very soon, it was apparent that our humble facility in rural Maynardville was no longer large enough to house our growing business. Various locations were scouted in nearby Knoxville, and in March we began the process of moving to a renovated facility on Middlebrook Pike. The site measures 105,000 sq ft, making it among the largest strength manufacturing facilities in the world. Less than a mile from I-40/I-75, and with room to expand our manufacturing and clerical operations, the new site seems perfect – at least until we need to expand again!

We introduced our new facility to the world by holding our grand opening celebration on April 27. Local dignitaries, various supply and industry partners and the local media were present to celebrate robust commercial growth in the face of a worldwide economic downturn. As Pierre, President and CEO, stated at the event, "We chose not to participate in the recession." It was a good day for Legend, Knoxville, American manufacturing – and you, the strength equipment consumer. It's good for you because with the additional space, we were able to implement new processes to improve the quality of our equipment even further than before. Improved finishing processes, additional welding bays, etc. all contribute to Legend being better than ever before, allowing us to distance ourselves that much more over our competitors in American-made value and consistency. Our offices were greatly expanded as well, AND we were able to incorporate a 2,000 sq ft showroom! Which, outfitted with the latest and greatest of the Legend lineup, looks like the world's most-advanced-yet-smallish weight room.

So, if you're in town, swing by for a tour and an opportunity to put some faces with the names. We're pleased as punch to be here and we'll be pleased to show you around.

A shining beacon of quality and value. Also, our street sign.

From the ribbon cutting, featuring the hardest working guys in the strength industry. At center is Knoxville mayor Madeline Rogero with Pierre.

Sales reps Shane, Drew and Cougar.

Admin Assistant Heather and Service Manager John.

Admin Assistant Sherry, Senior Buyers Teresa and Karen.

Hors d'oeuvres in the new showroom!

Office Manager Caryn, former owner Kelly Smith and WBFF Figure Pro Carlene Steenekamp.

And now, a little tour of the non-top-secret parts of Legend's new World Headquarters ...

The entrance, the security checkpoint for rabid strength fans, famous athletes and zombies (if it ever comes to that).

The reception area where you will be warmly greeted. Unless you are one of the aforementioned zombies.

The ladies of the front office toiling away on orders and financials. Chocolate is often necessary for safe passage on stressful days.

The boys of shipping, Daniel and Tim.

Pierre, at the helm.

This is the Operations area. All shop operations are directed from here. This is also where design happens.

Here's a glimpse of the massive shop area itself.

These are some of the welding bays with their fancy new shower curtains.

These are the ever-toiling masters of vinyl and foam, the upholstery department.

Our showroom. Don't expect it to look like this if you drop by, though, things are constantly moving around.

So, that's it. If you're a past customer, thanks for being a part of our success, and if you haven't sampled a Legend item yet, we encourage you to do so. We work very hard to be the best at what we do and we won't be happy until we've outgrown this place as well. Excelsior!
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