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U.S. Olympic Training Centers

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Earning the trust of Louie Simmons to be the exclusive manufacturer of Westside Barbell's innovative strength products has afforded Legend Fitness with many opportunities to supply world class training facilities with the unbeatable combination of WSBB ingenuity and Legend quality.

The latest opportunity came in the form of supplying all three of the U.S. Olympic Training Centers with Reverse Hyper Ultra Pros. Being a company that has always emphasized the support for American institutions and manufacturing, we couldn't be more pleased with playing a role in the strength and conditioning of our country's Olympic hopefuls and athletes.

Featured in the photos above is the Team USA training facility in Colorado Springs, CO. After the Olympic games in Mexico City in the summer of 1968, the U.S. Olympic Committee determined that there really was something to the concept of training at high altitudes. A former military base in scenic Colorado Springs was sold to the USOC for $1, and the rest is athletic excellence history ...